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Our experienced staff will help to solve all matters regarding the conference. Keeping in mind your needs and expected budget of the event, we will find the conference venue, provide the technical equipment, make agreements with the conference leaders and lecturers. In special circumstances we will provide tailor-made solutions.

Our seminars concern important legal and financial matters and they are designed both for public and private sector. Seminars are led by leading specialists – academics, practitioners, managers, thus providing useful theoretical and practical information as well as answers and solutions on subjects particularly important to client.

Our courses are interactive, precise and up – to – date, with well balanced proportion of theory and praxis. They are providing clients with necessary skills and know – how.

Depending on your needs we are able to provide the training to the employees of clients organizations both in their premises or in our conference venues across Baltics and more. No matter what training do you need – please, will free to contact us!